Welcome to KerryM

A Passionate Lash Artist with 10+ years, Helping Lash Artists grow their business with simple effective Products, Ideas, How To’s and Done for You’s.

Hey Gorgeous, It’s Lovely to Meet you.

Who the hell am I! and what is my site all about I hear you ask!

Simples, like you babe I’m a passionate Lash Artist of over 10+ years, a creative at heart and a business and personal coach. I LOVE to HELP it’s in my nature! I want to share everything I’ve learnt and use within my own Lash business with YOU!

So if you’ve just started out or an established lash artist I know that I will have something just for you!

From products that will make your business excel, to free mini courses in business as well as tips on lashing!

So without further ado I’ve just created my first of MANY products that I know a lot of us Artist’s are longing for! Lash Display Boards..

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