Welcome to KerryM Lash & Brow Bar
Providing Amazing Eyelash & Brow treatments in our Amazing, Gorgeous Lash & Brow Bar in Rochester.

Hey Gorgeous!… So you want the Perfect Set of Brows! I hear you Babe…

Are you looking for:

  • The most natural looking brows ever.
    • That no one would ever guess you’ve had Microblading done!
  • A technician that actually listens to you in all your wants and desires for your brows.
  • To be educated about Microblading including all the con’s and pro’s to the treatment.
  • Full aftercare and continuous support.
  • Free full consultations and patch tests.
  • To be treated with care and respect and not judged!
  • Plenty of fun and lots of laughs 

I Can Help If You Have: 

  • Sparse or no brows at all
  • Gaps and over plucked
  • Full set of brows but want them looking fuller
  • Alopecia
  • Faded block or ombre brows 

Hey Babe,

Brows, I know what it’s like to have missing gaps and over plucking! yes I was an 80’s baby! The pencil thick eyebrow was the fashion back in the day! Not any more I hear you! With amazing techniques I’m able to give you the most realistic hair strokes that will look just like your own hair! Using a treatment called NanoBlading also called Microblading. The difference being, Nanoblading gives you even thinner hairstrokes which creates the more realistic hairstrokes.  I’ve had the pleasure of serving over 190 clients now with 11 years worth of research and study with the art of Microblading and completed my official training last year (a dream I’ve had for 11 years!) I couldn’t be any more happier than to give you, my clients the most amazing natural looking brows.

I LOVE providing this treatment and what it can give to you!
If you have any questions babe, please pop me a message on Facebook or text/call me and I will be glad to help you.

What Client’s Say



  • Hair Strokes £320.00
  • Hair Strokes & Manual Shading £350
  • 6 Month touch up £135.00
  • 12 Month Touch up £175.00

If you’ve had Block or ombre tattoo brows these must be faded at least 60% 



There are a few medical conditions that will stop you from having Microblading done which are all listed below:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • Being on blood thinners
  • You are having Chemo/Radiation treatment now or in the past year
  • Are a diabetic
  • You have heart conditions 
  • You have a weak immune system 
  • You heal slower than normal? (cuts/wounds/surgery)
  • You suffer with Keloid scarring


BOOK In With Me

To book Microblading, a consultation and patch test must be booked at least 48hrs before the treatment takes place.  On the day of your consultation you’ll be walked through the entire treatment, all the con’s and pro’s to the treatment, show pictures on different shapes as well as listening to what you want for your brows.  A patch test is then carried out which is a tiny scratch behind the ear and pigment placed over the top.  You will then book your first procedure date and a £50 non refundable deposit is taken.

You can call or text 07801 340693, message on Facebook to book your consultation or simply click the button below to book online right now, make sure you checkout the email as there will be important info, requirements and how to find me. 

Hey Gorgeous if you want to CONTACT ME
You can text me on 07801 340693 or click the button and you’ll go straight to my Facebook Messenger.