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Hey Gorgeous!… So you want the Perfect Set of Brows! I hear you Babe…

Are you looking for:

  • The most natural looking brows ever.
    • That no one would ever guess you’ve had Microblading done!
  • A technician that actually listens to you in all your wants and desires for your brows.
  • To be educated about Microblading including all the con’s and pro’s to the treatment.
  • Full aftercare and continuous support.
  • Free full consultations and patch tests.
  • To be treated with care and respect and not judged!
  • Plenty of fun and lots of laughs 

I Can Help If You Have: 

  • Sparse or no brows at all
  • Gaps and over plucked
  • Full set of brows but want them looking fuller
  • Alopecia
  • Faded block or ombre brows


I know what it’s like to have missing gaps and over plucking!

Yes I was an 80’s baby! The pencil thick eyebrow was the fashion back in the day! Not any more I hear you! 

With amazing techniques I’m able to give you the most realistic hair strokes that will look just like your own hair!

Using a treatment called NanoBlading also called Microblading. The difference being, Nanoblading gives you even thinner hairstrokes which creates the realistic hairstrokes.

I LOVE providing this treatment and what it can give to you!

If you have any questions babe, please pop me a message I will be glad to help you.

Microblading Treatment

Microblading is a form of a semi permanent tattoo for the Brows, Microblading creates the look of fine hair making this type of tattoo more realistic.  Microblading can last up to 18 months dependant on your skin type this can last longer or less. 

There are different types of Microblading treatments which are:

Microblading: Uses a thicker needle to create thicker look hair strokes this is for clients that have naturally thick hair or wishes to have thicker looking hair. 

Nanoblading: Uses thinner needles which creates the perfect thickness for the most natural looking brows 

Microshading: This uses different types of needs to create shading on the brows just like a block brow or an ombre brow.

Combro Brows: This is a combination of either Microblading/Nanoblading and shading together.



Your first time with KerryM for any Microblading treatments, there are important factors to read before you come for your treatment which you’ll find below.

More so visiting KerryM is a very relaxed and calm positive, non-judgemental environment to be in, Kerry will have you at ease the second you walk through the door! 

There are 3 stages to your treatment, 1 is your consultation and patch test where Kerry will walk you through the entire treatment process, show you pictures, videos, what to expects, the pro’s and the con’s, listen to what it is you want as well as give her advise to you, she will then carry out the patch test which is a little scratch behind your ear and pigment is placed over the top, this must not be touched of cleaned for 2 whole days, you’ll then book your 1st treatment in which can be 3 days after your patch test and a £50 non refundable fee is taken. Stage 2 is your 1st treatment which Kerry will explain this in your consultation, you’ll then book your 2nd treatment 6 weeks after your 1s, again Kerry will walk you through what happens this day. 


  • Consultation and Patch Test, all you need is yourself! 🙂 and £50 if you want to book your 1st treatment in.
  • Your 1st treatment: 
    • Make sure you eat something light before you come 1.5hr before
    • Make sure you have no makeup on before you arrive
    • You will not be able to get your brows wet until the scabbing has fully come away
    • So therefore its wise to wash your hair the night before or the day of your treatment. 
    • Do not take any pain relief as this can affect your blood which can cause retention in the pigment staying, or worse you bleed alot and the treatment would have to stop and further appointments made which will result in more costs to you.
  • Your 2nd Treatment 6 weeks later:
    • The same rules apply to your 1st treatment above. 


Aftercare for any Microblading treatment is very simple:

Do not get your brows wet at all until your scabbing has come off completely, there are no lotions or creams to apply.
(Kerry has tested with models which healing process works better and hands down (her words) is dry healing all the way)

You have to remember for 6 weeks you’ll be going through a healing stage which have stages:

  • Day 1: You’ll feel a burning sore sensation this is perfectly normal
  • Day 2 to 4: You’ll feel your brows getting tighter, this is the start of scabbing, DO NOT STRETCH YOUR BROWS! (You can reopen the hair strokes, just leave them alone. You can also experience swelling so the brows can look uneven and not sitting right so don’t panic!
  • Day 5 to 11: You’ll be going into full healing scabbing. DO NOT PICK THEM OR PULL YOUR SCABS OFF! (You’ll take out the pigment which means you’ll loose that hairstroke! You can also experience swelling so the brows can look uneven and not sitting right so don’t panic!
  • Day 12 to 20: Scabbing typically should be falling off and a new layer of skin will appear this can look translucent and this is where you start to panic as you go, where have my brows gone!!! Don’t panic this is normal, this is where the hairstrokes are underneath that white translucent skin!
  • Day 21 to 42: You shouldn’t have any scabs at all and your hairstrokes have reappeared, wahoooo and if you have some missing don’t panic as this is why you come for your 2nd treatment as a touch up! Now you can get your brows wet! wahoooo just be mindful your skin is still healing so no scrubbing them light movements over them.
  • From day 42 onwards: You come back to KerryM and have your 2nd treatment which is your touch up.  


Scabbing can look as a whole scab so it can look thick or you can get flaky scabbing bit like dandruff, you can get one or you can get both. 


This has got to be one of the most popular questions we get, Kerry herself has done her own brows 3 times now and says repeatedly she would have it done every day. Everyone has their own pain fresh hold. What we can say is the pain is more of a scratching pain.


At KerryM we do not offer any pain relief, when Kerry was training and passed she had a large group of models where she could test things out, after using pre numbing with a group of models and when they returned for there 6 weeks touch up she used it without, the results was a huge shock!

All her models said it hurt more with the numbing cream than without! And from Kerry’s point of view the numbing cream actually affected the retention of the pigment, meaning the colour didn’t stay well at all.

 Also other factors played a part, working on bone dry crisp skin from Kerry’s point is so much easier and better to work with, using numbing cream made the skin harder to work with and easier to slip.

Therefore Kerry has opted out of pre numbing.  


This is a very wide spread confusion in the Microblading/Semi Permanent world, the simple answer to this question is no!

Kerry has spoken to the Medical department of the UK government to fully understand what can be put on the skin legally, the answer is no numbing agent can be put on broken skin from a Microblader or Semi Permanent artist.

Legally a Microblader or Semi Permanent artist can advise clients to put pre numbing agent which is a topical agent (on top of the skin) before they come.

Now some insurance companies will allow the Microblader or Semi permanent artist to apply this to the client.  

So to answer the question again no numbing agent is allowed on broken skin when doing Microblading/nanoblading/Microshading or Semi Permanent Tattooing. 


There are a few medical conditions that will stop you from having Microblading done which are all listed below:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • Being on blood thinners
  • You are having Chemo/Radiation treatment now or in the past year
  • Are a diabetic
  • You have heart conditions 
  • You have a weak immune system 
  • You heal slower than normal? (cuts/wounds/surgery)
  • You suffer with Keloid scarring



  • 300.00
  • 375.000
  • 135.00
  • 175.00

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