The most FAQ’s you’ll find about eyelashes right here…

I require 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment please do so via text or call on 07801 340693. If you do not give me 24 hours notice I will require a full payment on your next booked appointment which will be non refundable.


I offer a grace period of 10 minutes, if you are later I will sadly cancel your appointment and require full payment on your next appointment which is non refundable.


*Please come with no makeup on to include no mascara or eye makeup.
*If you wear contact lenses these would have to come out prior to your treatment.
*If you have an eye infection within the last 3 months please reschedule your appointment or cancel, I am unable to lash you.
*If you have had eye surgery within the last 6 months please reschedule your appointment or cancel, I am unable to lash you.
*Please arrive 5 minutes early to your appointment.

A full consultation will happen as soon as we meet, to understand what style of lashes you would like, to include a patch test, understanding lash growth cycles as well as how to care for your lashes. I like to educate you as much as I can about lashing so you can get the most out of your gorgeous lashes.

I will do a patch test on the day of your appointment, if you are to have a reaction you would have one within minutes of the patch test. If you have any kind of reaction your appointment must be cancelled, your health is far more important to me.

You agree to my aftercare advise that I will give you in detail on the day of your appointment.
Under no circumstances do I recommend putting mascara on your gorgeous lashes, this will only ruin your set and will need to be removed and a new set applied meaning additional costs to you.

To maintain the health of your lashes and to keep them topped up, infills are required, depending on the treatment you are having this can range from every 2 weeks to 3 weeks.
An infill is classed as having 45% of the fake lashes still in place, if you are unsure please send me a picture via text, Facebook or WhatsApp.. If you have less, an extra fee will be added to cover the cost of the extra lashes applied. If you turn up with mascara applied to the fake lashes without prior warning I will have to re booked you for another day as of time to allow for a full removal and new set. You will also be charged the full amount of the treatment that day..

All the tough stuff out the way now time to give you an awesome and amazing set of gorgeous lashes!

Cannot wait to see you gorgeous xxx

Enchanted Log Cabin
12 Woodchurch Close, Walderslade, Chatham, Kent ME5 7LW

I am 2 minutes drive from Morrison’s petrol station and 5 minutes from the nearest but stop
You are welcome to park on the drive in front of the house.


There is a side gate to the right of the house, go through and down the stairs, you’ll come to a smaller gate go through down the stairs again and you’ll see the cabin, please come right on in.

Please note that I do not have disabled access and I kindly ask that young children stay at home or say with some one whilst you have your treatment.

A patch test will be done on the day of your lash treatment, if you’ve had a reaction before please contact me prior to your appointment.

When booking your first treatment with me, we will go through a patch test as soon as your with me, we will go through desired looks, go through pictures of different eyelash styles, I’ll educate you on growth cycles, as well as how to love your lashes, my saying ” Love your lashes & they’ll Love you back” and when you leave, it doesn’t mean that’s it, if you’ve any questions, concerns after your treatment I’m only a message away.

Rub or pull your lashes, these are a big no no, as well as Mascara, you can apply mascara on your bottom lashes but that is it. Applying oil near your lash line will increase the break down of the glue, if you wear eyeliner or eyeshadow I advice to remove of a night time with oil free makeup remover with a cotton bud.

After 48 hours of your lash treatment you can shower, bath and go swimming. Only spend 3-4 minutes in steam rooms, as well as sunbeds.

There needs to be some understanding with this, there is a 3 stage growth cycle with hair, which includes eyelashes, we can loose up to 6 lashes a day! Now we as technicians have no idea where you are in your growth cycle, a full cycle takes 18 months. I will never guarantee how long your lashes will last however I can give you my own experience and what my clients experience.

Classic individual lashes I typically book clients in every 2 weeks, however I do have some that return every 3 weeks. Russian Volume lashes I typically book clients in every 3 weeks, however I have some that return every 6 & 8 weeks

Everyone is different with their growth cycles please also take in to account your own life style, stress unfortunately can have a knock on effect with growth cycles.

I always recommend my clients to book in every 3 weeks, however they can send me a picture of their lashes, which I can then access whether they need to return sooner or later.

Russian Volume Lashes is still a new treatment within the UK, however ever popular within the Eyelash industry. This is my main treatment I provide, purely because of the awesome results.

With Volume eyelashes, I can place up to 9 light weight fanned out lashes to 1 of your natural lash, not everyone can withstand the weight of 9 lashes, this is why I provide a full consultation to assess and educate my clients.  The results of Volume lashes are very different to Individual, by giving you more lashes as well as fanned out which looks fluffy and very full, the more lashes to 1 natural lash gives you a fuller looking set, however still looking natural, which can be surprising.

Where ever you see 2d or 3d going all the way up to 20d means, how many lashes are placed on to 1 natural lash so for example 5d = 5 individual thin lashes fanned out and placed on to 1 natural lash.