Eyelash Treatment Types

Rub or pull your lashes, these are a big no no, as well as Mascara, you can apply mascara on your bottom lashes but that is it. Applying oil near your lash line will increase the break down of the glue, if you wear eyeliner or eyeshadow I advice to remove of a night time with oil free makeup remover with a cotton bud.
After 48 hours of your lash treatment you can shower, bath and go swimming. Only spend 3-4 minutes in steam rooms, as well as sunbeds.
There needs to be some understanding with this, there is a 3 stage growth cycle with hair, which includes eyelashes, we can loose up to 6 lashes a day! Now we as technicians have no idea where you are in your growth cycle, a full cycle takes 18 months. I will never guarantee how long your lashes will last however I can give you my own experience and what my clients experience. Classic individual lashes I typically book clients in every 2 weeks, however I do have some that return every 3 weeks. Russian Volume lashes I typically book clients in every 3 weeks, however I have some that return every 6 & 8 weeks Everyone is different with their growth cycles please also take in to account your own life style, stress unfortunately can have a knock on effect with growth cycles. I always recommend my clients to book in every 3 weeks, however they can send me a picture of their lashes, which I can then access whether they need to return sooner or later.

Russian Volume Lashes is still a new treatment within the UK, however ever popular within the Eyelash industry. This is my main treatment I provide, purely because of the awesome results.

With Volume eyelashes, I can place up to 9 light weight fanned out lashes to 1 of your natural lash, not everyone can withstand the weight of 9 lashes, this is why I provide a full consultation to assess and educate my clients.  The results of Volume lashes are very different to Individual, by giving you more lashes as well as fanned out which looks fluffy and very full, the more lashes to 1 natural lash gives you a fuller looking set, however still looking natural, which can be surprising.

Where ever you see 2d or 3d going all the way up to 20d means, how many lashes are placed on to 1 natural lash so for example 5d = 5 individual thin lashes fanned out and placed on to 1 natural lash.
Individual lashes places 1 fake lash to 1 natural lash, these come in different thicknesses to create a more natural looking set to a more Mascaraed looking set.  Because of the thickness I can only place 1 fake to 1 natural lash, I’m unable to give you more lashes then you already have. If you are wanting more lashes, fuller looking then I would recommend Russian Volume lashes.