Eyelash extensions are fake lashes that are placed on top or underneath your natural lash, they are made of good quality plastic.
Eyelash extensions gives you length, thickness and curl to your natural lashes.

There are now different types of eyelash extension treatments, which include:

  1. Classic Lashes, this is placing 1 fake lash to 1 of your natural lashes, they come in different lengths, thicknesses and curls. Classic lashes can be natural or if you have lots of natural lashes can look fuller.
  2. Russian Volume Lashes, this is placing up to 6 very light weight lashes to 1 of your natural lashes, again they come in different lengths and curls. These too can look natural or fuller depending on how many lashes are attached to your natural lash.
  3. Mega Volume Lashes, is placing from 7 to 10 very light weight lashes to 1 of your natural lashes, again they come in different lengths and curls and this requires a thinner lash.  This type of set is the fullest out of all the types of lashes. 
  4. Hybrid Lashes, this is mixture of Russian Volume and Classics mixed together, this look is more soft’a but also give volume at the same time.


No as long as we are isolating 1 of your natural lashes to one of the fake lashes.  It’s also weight dependant, if we apply to thick or to long lash then yes this can damage your own natural lash.. I take pride in taking the correct isolation measures  as well as selecting the correct length and thickness to work with your own natural lashes.

To simply answer this no! We have a natural shedding cycle which means we lose  our natural lashes. We can lose up to 6+ lashes a day that’s 42 lashes a week! if you have sparse lashes you’ll notice the gaps a lot quicker. In 14 years of lashing I’ve seen that everyone is so different in their shedding cycles, factors like, stress,  worry, anxiety, hormones, pregnancy and the weather have a huge effect on the  shedding, no 2 people are the same. I can see clients coming back from week 1 to  week 8 before they need an infill.


If this is your first time experiencing lashes with KerryM there’s a few pointers and things you’ll need to do first which are listed below. 

But more important visiting KerryM is a very relaxed chilled salon, Kerry will have you at ease the second you walk through the door!
She will walk you through the entire treatment, show you pictures, the different types of lashes she offers and will always give her recommendations, however she will listen to you and get to know you! She will also educate you on the treatment so you have a better understanding. 


  • Please make sure your lashes are free from any makeup including mascara.
  • You will not be able to get your beautiful lashes wet for 48 hours after your treatment.
  • So this would be wise to wash your hair the night before or the day of your treatment. 
  • If you wear contact lenses these would need to come out for the treatment and for 24 hours after your treatment. 
  • If you’ve had a reaction to having lashes and you haven’t already done so please message Kerry straight away. 


1. Do not get your lashes wet for 48hrs 
Shower/Bath || Swimming || Sauna || Facials || Sunbeds/Tans || Sweating
If you do 2 things can happen, 1, it’s called a shock cure, which means the glue drys out to quick and the glue will snap meaning you’ll lose your lashes! or 2, they will all stick together, which is so painful! I’lld have to remove and do a new set at your expense babe!

2. Make sure you brush your lashes every day. 
Morning is a must and when you get them wet, use your brush and brush on top of your lashes.

3. Make sure you wash your lashes at least 3 times a week!
When your in the shower/bath/sink, get your lashes wet and your brush, from the top
of the lashes wiggle the base of your lash down and roll, do this a couple of times of
on both eyes.

* Use a small towel and push the towel gently and pull back do this a couple of times
then brush them. Let your lashes air dry then brush them out again.

4. Oil will kill your gorgeous lashes babe! if you want them to last stay away from any
oily products which include makeup and facial products! My rule unless the
bottle/packaging says oil free stay away! If your in the position to invest now in your
makeup and facial products do it now 🙂

5. Things you cannot do with your lovely lashes:
* No Mascara! (you can on your bottom lashes but oil free)
* Curl with a crimper or a perm/lift
* No tinting them
* Do not use a hair dryer to dry your lashes
* No rubbing, playing, twisting, or plucking your lashes!
(You can damage your lashes and you have natural oils on your hands)
* Long periods of Sauna’s, jacuzzi’s, steam from the hob, oven & steam rooms can
heat the glue, which can be painful if 
they all stick together or when you brush them

out you’ll lose them. If you have volume lashes heat can relax the curl which
means they will go straight, it’s a funky look babe! I’ll need to redo them for you. 
* You can go into sunbed’s but after 48hrs
* Spray tans be mindful of oil’s 
* Facials you can have but it depends what type and the products, be mindful of what’s
in the products and are they covering your eyes or working around them

6. Lint love’s your lashes! they will wrap around them and impossible to remove!
Baby wipes or any wipes || Cotton Pads || Tissue Paper – Be mindful of.