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Hey Gorgeous,

Below is a list of illness, diseases that sadly I cannot treat you for B12 injections, you wil need to refer back to your GP. 

  • Are you pregnant?
  • Are you breast feeding?
  • Are you trying for a baby?
  • Do you have any type of ongoing infection?
  • Do you have Leber’s Disease?
  • Do you have an allergy to Cyanocobalamin?
  • Do you have an allergy to Cobalt?
  • Do you have a cold/allergy that affects the nose?
    (Sinus Congestions/sneezing)
  • Do you have Kidney disease?
  • Do you have Liver disease?
  • Do you have Polycythemia?
  • Do you have Hypokalemia?
    (Potassium Deficiency)
  • Do you have Iron deficiency?
  • Do you have Folic Acid deficiency?
  • Are you taking any medication or/and treatment that affects your bone marrow?
  • Do you have Bipolar Disorder?
  • Do you suffer with Epilepsy?
  • Do you have Parkinson's Disease?
  • Do you suffer with any Neurological Disease?
  • Are you allergic to: Nickel, Latex, Bacitracin?


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