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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections also know as (Botox) is an agent that numbs the muscles, it relaxes the muscles. 

This helps the aging process by releaxing the muscle which in turn helps with fine lines on the face. 

When booking with KerryM you'll undergo a full consultation were you will discuss your concerns and what you would love to get out of this treatment. 

If you are happy to proceed with the treatment you will have a small consultation with KerryM's Prescriber.

A non refundable payment of £35 is required the day of your consulation. 

KerryM offers 4 Clinic days: Tuesday - Friday, once you have had your consultation with the Prescriber you can book a day to have the treatment done. 

You will then come back 2 weeks later for a review and a top up if you need it.  

Please call or book online.

Please read the FAQ and more importantly who can have this treatment done. 



Visiting KerryM is a very relaxed chilled salon & Clinic, Kerry will have you at ease the second you walk through the door!

She will walk you through the entire treatment, and will  listen to you and get to know you!

She will also educate you on the treatment so you have a better understanding. 

For all Anti-Wrinkle Injections you will have a consultation in person with Kerry, and with Kerry's Prescriber. 

Once these to consultations have taken place you can book your treatment in on either a Monday or Tuesday Evening (These are Kerry's Clinic Days) 

You will then book a 2 week follow up treatment and if needed a top up done. 

Kerry will be your Aesthetic Practitioner, she has a duty of care to look after you all the way through your treatment and after. 


If you can tick 1 or more below sadly I am unable to give you give you Anti-Wrinkle Injections

  • Taking Aspirin or any medication that contains Aspirin
  • Pregnant
  • Are breast feeding
  • Are trying for a baby
  • Have Hypertophic or Keloid Scarring
  • Bleed Do you bleed abnormality?
  • Have active dermatosis in the area you wish for Botox
  • Have an active infection in the area you wish for Botox
  • Have impaired healing
  • Have Skin Atrophy
  • Have sensitivity or allergy to Botulinum Toxin or its constituents
  • Have a Milk Allergy with abobotulinumtoxin A Product
  • Have Neuromuscular disorders
  • Have a Gross motor weakness in the area you wish for Botox
  • Have uncontrolled systemic condition
  • Inability to actively contract muscles in the area you wish to have Botox
  • On medications that inhibit neuromuscular signalling
    (aminoglycosides, quinine, calcium channel blockers, penicillamine)
  • Have a history of severe allergy/anaphylaxis



    Please make sure that you have answered the medical questions accurately as complications could happen if you have given a false answer.

    As your Aesthetic Practitioner I have a duty of care for you and I honestly would not want a complication to happen.

    You will have a full consultation with Kerry, your Aesthetic Practitioner to discuss this treatment and fully understand why you would like this treatment and to advise of the procedure.

    Do not drink alcohol 24-48hrs before your treatment.

    The use of illegal drugs is not to be taken before your treatment or after, this can decrease the effects of Botox.

    Do not take Aspirin or medication that thins the blood 10-14 days prior to your treatment and 10-14 days after your treatment.

    If you are taking such tablets because of medication reasons please consult with your GP first before stopping them.

    No caffine 3 days before your treatment and 3 days after your treatment. 

    Botox is not an immediate treatment where you see results straight away, full effects will be the 2-4 week mark.

    It’s advised not to wear makeup, ideally foundation as this will be wiped off.



    • No alcohol for 24 hours
    • No excessive exercise or gym for 24 hours
    • Avoid steam rooms and saunas for 24 hours
    • No rubbing or touching of the injected areas
    • Do make lots of movements to encourage the Botox to spread through the muscle
    • Do not bend over for any length of time
    • Remain upright for the next 4 hours
    • Full effect will be 2-4 weeks post treatment
    • Duration of effect is around 10-12 weeks however person to person is different, we do not make any guarantees how long Botox last nor do we guarantee that you will have the desired effects.

    Do not take Aspirin or medication that thins the blood 14 days prior to your treatment and 10-14 days after your treatment.

    No caffine 3 days before your treatment and 3 days after your treatment. 

    Do not put warm or hot compress to the area treated. 

    You can put cold compress to the area treated. 

    You may have slight lumps from where we have injected this is perfectly normall and will go on their own.

    If you go to the gym/work out some people have noticed slight markings of where the Botox has been injected, sadly there is nothing we can do to stop this from happening. 


    Side Effects

    • Common Side Effects:
    • Bruising
    • Swelling
    • Bleeding
    • Tenderness
    • Oedema
    • Erthyema
    • Headache
    • Infection
    • Numbness or dysesthesia
    • Anxiety
    • Vasovagal episode or loss of consciousness.

    Incomplete Block: It is possible to not experience a complete block of desired muscles. Additional injections to reach the desired level of block can be performed until the goal is achieved.

    Asymmetry: The human face and eyelid region is normally asymmetrical with respect to structural anatomy and function. There can be a variation from one side to the other in terms of the response to BOTOX injections.

    Drooping Eyelid (Ptosis): Muscles that raise the eyelid may be affected by BOTOX, should this material migrate downward from other injection areas.

    Pain: Discomfort associated with BOTOX injections is usually of short duration.

    Migration of BOTOX: BOTOX may migrate from its original injection site to other areas and produce temporary paralysis of other muscle groups or other unintended effects. BOTOX has been reported to cause swallowing problems in patients treated for spastic muscle disorders of the cervical region (cervical dystonia).

    Bleeding and Bruising: It is possible, though unusual, to have a bleeding episode from a BOTOX injection. Bruising in soft tissues may occur. Serious bleeding around the eyeball during deeper BOTOX injections for crossed eyes (strabismus) has occurred. Should you develop post-injection bleeding, it may require emergency treatment or surgery. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, platelet inhibitors, anticoagulants, Vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, and other “herbs / homeopathic remedies” may contribute to a greater risk of a bleeding problem. Do not take these for ten days before or after BOTOX injections.

    Damage to Deeper Structures: Deeper structures such as nerves, blood vessels, and the eyeball may be damaged during the course of injection. Injury to deeper structures may be temporary or permanent.

    Corneal Exposure Problems: Some patients experience difficulties closing their eyelids after BOTOX injections and problems may occur in the cornea due to dryness. Should this rare complication occur, additional treatments, protective eye drops, contact lenses, or surgery may be necessary.

    Unknown Risks: The long-term effect of BOTOX on tissue is unknown. The risk and consequences of accidental intravascular injection of BOTOX is unknown and not predictable. There is the possibility that additional risk factors may be discovered.

    Dry Eye Problems: Individuals who normally have dry eyes may be advised to use special caution in considering BOTOX injections around the eyelid region.

    Double-Vision: Double-vision may be produced if the BOTOX material migrates into the region of muscles that control movements of the eyeball.

    Eyelid Ectropion: Abnormal looseness of the lower eyelid can occur following BOTOX injections.

    Other Eye Disorders: Functional and irritative disorders of eye structures may rarely occur following BOTOX injections.

    Blindness: Blindness is extremely rare after BOTOX injections. However, it can be caused by internal bleeding around the eyeball or needle stick injury. The occurrence of eye problems appears to be very rare.

    Allergic Reactions: As with all biologic products, allergic and systemic anaphylactic reactions may occur. Allergic reactions may require additional treatment.

    Antibodies to BOTOX: Presence of antibodies to BOTOX may reduce the effectiveness of this material in subsequent injections. The health significance of antibodies to BOTOX is unknown.

    Infection: Infection is extremely rare after BOTOX injections. Should an infection occur, additional treatment including antibiotics may be necessary.

    Skin Disorders: Skin rash, itching, and swelling may rarely occur following BOTOX injection.

    Neuromuscular Disorders: Patients with peripheral motor neuropathic disorders (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, motor neuropathies) may be at greater risk of clinically significant side effects from BOTOX.

    Migraine Headache Disorders: BOTOX has been used to treat forehead muscle groups that are involved with the migraine headache condition. Patients are advised that results of BOTOX treatments for migraine headaches may be variable and improvement in this disorder may not occur following BOTOX treatments.

    Unsatisfactory Result: There is the possibility of a poor or inadequate response from BOTOX injections. Additional BOTOX injections may be necessary. Surgical procedures or treatments may be needed to improve skin wrinkles including those caused by muscle activity.

    Long-Term Effects: Subsequent alterations in face and eyelid appearance may occur as the result of aging, weight loss, weight gain, sun exposure, pregnancy, menopause, or other circumstances not related to BOTOX injections. BOTOX injections do not arrest the aging process or produce permanent tightening of the eyelid region. Future surgery or other treatments may be necessary.

    Pregnancy and Nursing Mothers: Animal reproduction studies have not been performed to determine if BOTOX could produce fatal harm. It is not known if BOTOX can be excreted in human milk. It is not recommended that pregnant women or nursing mothers receive BOTOX treatments.

    Drug Interactions: The effect of BOTOX may be potentiated by aminoglycoside antibiotics or other drugs known to interfere with neuromuscular transmission.

    Female Patient Information: If you are taking birth control pills, or estragon replacement it is advised not to have this procedure done as many medications including antibiotics may neutralize the preventive effect of birth control pills, allowing for conception and pregnancy.

    Sun Exposure – Direct or Tanning Salon: The effects of the sun are damaging to the skin. Exposing the treated areas to sun may result in increased scarring, colour changes, and poor healing. Patients who tan, either outdoors or in a salon, should inform their practitioner and either delay treatment, or avoid tanning until your practitioner says it is safe to resume. The damaging effect of sun exposure occurs even with the use sun block or clothing coverage.

    Medications and Herbal Dietary Supplements: There are potential adverse reactions that occur as the result of taking over-the-counter, herbal, and/or prescription medications. Aspirin and medications that contain aspirin interfere with clotting and can cause more bleeding.  If you take such medication to keep you alive it is advised to speak with you GP before proceeding with this procedure.


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