Welcome to KerryM Lash & Brow Bar
Providing Amazing Eyelash & Brow treatments in our Amazing, Gorgeous Lash & Brow Bar in Rochester.

Hey Gorgeous!… So you want to feel good, you want though’s perfect set of lashes, I have your back!

If your looking for: 

  • The oh so natural set I can help you!
  • If your looking for a Full and Fluffy set I can help you!
  • If your looking for the Wambam Glamour give me everything set I can help you!
  • If your unsure what you want I can help you!
  • If you want Celebrity Lashes I can help you!
  • If you have spar’s and missing lashes I can help you!
  • If you are looking for a splash of colour I can help you!
  • and last but not least if you’ve had a bad experience I can help you!

Come and Say Hi

I’ve had the pleasure of working with eyelashes for more then 10 years, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve done a lot and experienced a lot, I also know a lot! My skill set and knowledge is vast and still grows each and every day. This is my passion! I love creating the perfect set of lashes for you! Come and say hi and ask me all you want, I don’t bite! I’m very friendly, easy and down to earth. 




What Client’s Say


Hey Gorgeous if you want to CONTACT ME
You can text me on 07801 340693 or click the button and you’ll go straight to my Facebook Messenger.